The Virtira Team-Supported Sales Admin model increases sales up to 45% and enables sales teams to sell up to 30% faster for our clients like…

Traditional Vs. Team-Supported Sales Admin

Traditional Sales Admin

  • Knowledge of two or three marketing platforms, eg. Hubspot, Linkedin, etc.
  • Limited knowledge of other sales/marketing software tools
  • No experienced back-end team to design & execute an integrated plan to maximize ROI

Team-Supported Sales Admin

  • Experienced Virtira sales admin reps
  • Trained & supported on your specific tools
  • Virtira Team Leaders develop a plan with you and manage reps
  • Provide clear financial modeling
  • Target performance metrics

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“I would not be able to move deals forward as rapidly without the organization and methodology that Virtira provides.”

Enterprise Account Manager

Fortune 500 Enterprise

“With Virtira, revenues went from $7.1M to $10.3M per salesperson – a 45% increase.”

Director of Sales Operations

Fortune 500 OEM

“I wish we had Virtira on every account. They have a big impact on our success.”

Practice Advisor

Fortune 500 Enterprise

“With Virtira, the results have been outstanding. I have increased team engagement and accelerated the sales process.”

Global Account Manager

Fortune 500 OEM

“Now I can focus more on customers and be more strategic in my campaigns.”

Account Manager

Fortune 500 OEM

Virtira ENDS the endless cycle of high cost in time and $ of hiring and training sales admins.

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