Meet Shane Spraggs, CEO of Virtira

Count me among the office drones changed by the arrival of COVID-19. When the pandemic began in early 2020, I left the office and began working at home, marking a massive and irrevocable shift in not only where I work, but how I work.

I’m Shane Spraggs, CEO of Virtira. Whether it’s been endeavouring to streamline and build efficiency within software and media start-ups or searching for new ways to innovate at a global brand like Disney, my career has always been about tackling complex organizational challenges and implementing project-based solutions that maximize productivity.

In early 2020, the most difficult element of working from home may have been that I’d suddenly lost access to most of the tools I used to manage my team. Engaging, in-person conversations and collaborative whiteboard sessions became talking heads on a screen and dull PowerPoint slides. Casual, drop-in updates became regularly scheduled meetings.

Over time, however, I found new tools, developed better methods and discovered the real and significant advantages of working virtually. Now, everyday at Virtira, I share these insights with an array of organizations, helping spur greater efficiency and better results. These insights are available much more affordably in our new book, The Power of Remote.

At Virtira we like to say that we work without boundaries. This is meant both literally — our employees work where they choose — and figuratively, in that our clients’ gains are potentially boundless.

It’s a privilege to lead our talented team as it delivers millions of dollars’ worth of savings and profits to big and small firms around the world.



The Power of Remote

With increased demand for hybrid and fully remote work styles, most firms understand that some form of distance work is here to stay – and have put some remote protocols in place. But are they the right ones?

It’s time to take advantage of the many opportunities remote work presents. Stop saying “we’re not there yet,” and start saying “we’ve arrived!”

This book will show you how.



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