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Powering Remote Performance

Most companies are unprepared and overwhelmed by the transition to a world where a hybrid work environment is the norm. At Virtira, we use our decades of remote work experience to help companies sell better, grow faster, and be more productive in or out of the office.

Work Without Boundaries

At Virtira, we don’t believe in walls. The walls that shape our spaces and the ones that limit our beliefs. Instead, we believe the world is worth exploring. That big ideas can come from anywhere. That no one needs to be stuck in a cubicle 40 hours a week to perform at a high level. In fact, we know they don’t because we’ve been running an exceptionally productive remote organization for over a decade. In that time, we’ve empowered some of the most incredible teams at Fortune 500 companies to do more than they ever thought possible too.

If you’re on a mission to get exceptional performance from your teams, give us a call. We’re here to help you get more done, faster than ever, from wherever you work.

Introducing the Virtira Team

At Virtira, we fully support work-life balance, fostering a culture that empowersour nationwide team to integrate professional and personal goals effectively.

Cynthia Watson

Executive Chair

Megan Rafuse

Chief Operating Officer

Christine Dewell

VP Business Development

Sara Farley

Executive Administrative

Emily Parker

Project Manager

Marian Berg

Sales Support

Tony Gildart

Business Analyst

Sarah Hissett

Remote Enablement

Jessica Jardine

Sales Support

Shahnaz Karim

Sales Support

Kara Purdy

Channel Enablement

Shannon Wall

Remote Enablement

Rachel Washburn

Channel Enablement

Tanuja Awasthi Singh

Project Manager

Shane Spraggs

Productivity Consulting

TK Spraggs

Web Developer

Join the team

At Virtira, we embrace work-life balance like no other employer.

We look for bright, naturally organized individuals and offer exciting opportunities to live – and grow – where you want, and to take on new challenges at your pace.

If you have fast, reliable internet, you can work anywhere.

Creating extraordinary remote team performance.

Better Lives.

The freedom to work from anywhere means the Virtira team is never forced to choose between doing a great job and living a rich, fulfilling life.

Better Work.

We’ve spent decades developing systems that allow us to be far more productive in a hybrid environment than in an office environment .

Better Communities.

Working from anywhere means keeping people integrated and involved in the communities they call home instead of uprooting their lives for work.

For us, remote is old news.

At Virtira, we’ve spent over a decade managing remote teams, and as a remote organization ourselves, we know first-hand how to maximize performance in teams who don’t share an office.


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