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Developing a Discount Offer Program With Specialized Support

Using our services to help organize and follow up team meetings, our client saved time, restored full support to the sales team, and improved staff’s day-to-day life.

Client Challenge

Our client uses a carefully managed Special Discount Offer (SDO) process to determine what discounts to offer its partners. Besides fostering partner loyalty, the client must ensure that the discount process complies with all competition laws and regulations, especially US Antitrust laws.

When a key team member unexpectedly needed a work absence, the resulting work imbalance disrupted the client’s SDO process. Some tasks were not being completed, and the sales team was not receiving the support they expected. Since no one knew whether the SDO process was being applied effectively in all cases, our client was concerned that a winning partner might not be the best choice — either for the job at hand or for the client’s interests.

Light Bulb

How We Solved It

The SDO process has several moving parts, and our client needed a skilled and knowledgeable person to step in and take charge of some of them. The SDO process uses questionnaires to gather intelligence on partners and how they bid for the client’s products, then calculates discounts based on partners’ responses. Along the way, there are consultations, SWOT analyses, communications with partners, scoring of questionnaires, evaluations, various approvals, and a formal signed letter that informs each partner of their discount. Specifically, our client wanted to:

  • Reduce or eliminate the work imbalance
  • Restore full support to the sales team
  • Save staff time and make their life easier
  • After only two weeks, with our support, the workload was back in balance. Our specialist was performing SDO work ordinarily carried out by three team members. “She understood the process and had the right skill set. She was able to work with the sales team and communicate with them”, our client told us.

Business Impact

As a result of this engagement, the client is developing a streamlined “best practices” approach to its SDO documentation.


Time savings were significant, one manager reported.

Thumbs Up

Support for the sales team bounced back.

“The sales team is our engine, our revenue producer, so it’s very important to make sure we’re doing well with our internal business,” the client told us.


Our support also highlighted differences in how each team member did particular tasks.

“We learned a lot professionally from working with her,” the manager said.

The client organization is now standardizing its SDO documentation across the board.

This isn’t my first time working with your team, and my impression has always been very positive. The teams are extremely talented.

How We Help

Helping you remotely, where ever your team is. Our specialized staff will help you achieve your goals using innovative techniques and processes. We help you pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies so that your staff uses their time smarter and not harder.

Sales Support
  • Robust sales order support
  • Flexible handling of quote modifications
  • Opportunity reporting dashboard
  • Robust component and product failure support
  • Proactive monitoring and resolution of potential issues
Marketing Support
  • Keeping creative teams on track
  • Developing status updates
  • Delivering content on time & on budget
  • Managing giveaways and promotions
  • Post-event follow-up
Partner Enablement
  • Streamlined process alignment
  • Facilitated communication and collaboration
  • Decreased escalations
  • Revamped co-selling strategies
  • Strategic event management
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