How a Balanced Score Card Helped Executives Target Strategic Growth

Our consultants transformed manual, inconsistent reporting into enterprise-wide business insights.

Client Challenge

Business decisions were based on inaccurate, inconsistent information due to the lack of ‘a single source of truth’ for sales reporting.

  • No standard way of filtering data collected from different sources
  • Different managers in the same meeting were reporting different numbers
  • Duplication of data gathering and cleansing efforts
  • Sales managers buried in data details, with less time to focus on sales
  • Struggling to manage huge amounts of data in Excel
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How We Solved It

Sales leadership needed an easier way to understand trends in goal attainment across all territories and product lines in order to make decisions on territory alignment and sales incentives.

  • Worked with executives to identify what data they needed in what formats from which sources
  • Needed a way to have quickly understand if sales were promoting the solutions and products that the management wanted them to focus on
  • Required reports to make decisions about motivating the sales force to win against intense competitive behavior

Business Impact

With a consistent newsletter tool, our client can strengthen customer relationships:


Dashboards are utilized by everyone in the hierarchy for
decision making.


The Balanced Scorecard was adopted by sales leadership as a key sales reporting and sales force motivation tool.


Balanced Score Card drives competition within the field.

Bar Graph

Allows Sales Leadership to steer focused effort in business areas where management wants
to see strategic sales growth.

How We Help

Helping you remotely, where ever your team is. Our specialized staff will help you achieve your goals using innovative techniques and processes. We help you pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies so that your staff uses their time smarter and not harder.

Sales Support
  • Robust sales order support
  • Flexible handling of quote modifications
  • Opportunity reporting dashboard
  • Robust component and product failure support
  • Proactive monitoring and resolution of potential issues
Marketing Support
  • Keeping creative teams on track
  • Developing status updates
  • Delivering content on time & on budget
  • Managing giveaways and promotions
  • Post-event follow-up
Partner Enablement
  • Streamlined process alignment
  • Facilitated communication and collaboration
  • Decreased escalations
  • Revamped co-selling strategies
  • Strategic event management
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