Sales Support

Clear the path to closing.

Supplement your sales organization with one of our expertly trained sales acceleration teams. We use innovative project management methods to reduce administrative burden and clear the path for sales leaders to focus on what they do best — closing.

Most salespeople only spend 25%-45% of their time actually selling.

If you’re like many sales leaders, you spend most of your time just managing the sales process, mandatory reports, and complex tracking for your team instead of actually selling.

You end up stuck between supporting your team’s needs and ensuring the boxes are always getting checked.

We get all that out of your way so your sales teams can crush their goals quarter after quarter.

Deals Desk

Virtual Deals Desk

Our Virtual Deals Desk service focuses on supporting enterprise sales processes with utmost efficiency and flexibility. We can handle quote modifications, including nonstandard discounting, to meet each opportunity’s unique requirements.

Additionally, we tailor opportunity reporting dashboards that empower stakeholders with actionable data for informed decision-making.

Our services feature:

  • Robust sales order support that offers weekly reports, dashboards, and backlog reports to keep sales operations on track and optimized.
  • Flexible handling of quote modifications, including nonstandard discounting, to accommodate diverse customer needs and preferences.
  • Comprehensive opportunity reporting dashboard, offering real-time insights into the sales pipeline and performance metrics, facilitating strategic decision-making and forecasting.

Our tailored support for account teams in creating deals and quotes ensures that clients can navigate complex sales scenarios with ease and confidence.

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation and Action Tracking

Virtira’s meeting facilitation and action item tracking services ensure our projects run smoothly. Our focus is for businesses to sell faster and streamline the deal process. To foster collaboration and accountability, we are diligent in following up on action items and identifying risks for the sales team, customers, and partners.

Our services include:

  • Expert meeting facilitation includes developing agendas to assume outcomes are achieved efficiently.
  • Comprehensive documentation of meeting proceedings, including clear action items and responsibilities.
  • Proactive follow-up and tracking of action items to ensure timely execution and fulfillment of commitments.

With our support, clients can optimize their sales efforts and assign account managers more customers and quotas.

Meeting Facilitation
Post Sales Support

Post-Sales Support

Our post-sales support focuses on improving those all-important customer and partner relationships. Our services include efficiently locating missing orders, providing weekly status updates and meticulous metrics tracking. Additionally, we prioritize urgency by promptly escalating critical cases.

Our service features:

  • Prioritize urgency by promptly escalating critical cases.
  • Robust component and product failure support, along with thorough return tracking and follow-up.
  • Proactive monitoring and resolution of potential issues to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity.

Available as a managed service or on a concierge basis, we can tailor solutions to meet client needs.

What Our Clients Say
With Virtira, revenues went from $7.1M to $10.3M per salesperson — a 45% increase.


Fortune 500 OEM

What Our Clients Say
With Virtira, revenues went from $7.1M to $10.3M per salesperson — a 45% increase.
Director of Sales Operations
Fortune 500 OEM

Improve Your Sales Efficiency.

Our sales support can be implemented with just a few hours of commitment each week.

Our approach streamlines your selling efforts by aligning key players, resulting in more effective and efficient sales processes.

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Case Study: Enterprise Sales Support Increases Revenues 200%

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