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How We Boosted Sales Productivity By Improving Workflows

A major Cisco client was often uninformed about supply chain and shipping issues and regularly questioned charges, leading to disputes and payment delays of up to 90 days or more.

Virtira provided ‘game changing’ assistance that streamlined communications, boosted morale and  understanding, and accelerated revenue receipt. Cisco now  hopes to hold onto its Virtira support for as long as possible

Client Challenge

Cisco regularly faced payment delays from their major brand-name customers because:

  • Support staff had difficulty delivering adequate updates and reports
  • The client rarely knew when an order had been renewed, or payment was due
  • This situation led to confusion, disputes, late payments, and near-default

Thus, Cisco needed all relevant data collected and delivered in regularly scheduled reports.

Light Bulb

How We Solved It

Our consultant provided comprehensive weekly and monthly updates to the client, detailing orders, payments, logistical details, deliveries and more. Cisco describes Virtira as “a game-changer”. The client now knows why delays occur, when to expect a renewal, and when payments are due, improving forecasting and spending plans.

CISCO says Virtira provides value by:

  • Interacting directly with clients and partners, in contrast to previous support staff
  • Having worked at Cisco, knows of tools and processes that many Cisco senior employees still do not
  • Being “tenacious” when the client fails to address an issue adequately
  • Becoming essential and indispensable for Cisco’s client

Business Impact

The client was pushing back on a multi-million dollar payment. Thanks to Virtira’s support, Cisco was able to resolve the outstanding payment.

No more disputes or payment delays, and much better relations with the client.
Improved and positive client communications.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue
Happier sales staff due to promptly paid commissions

“It’s all in black and white,” says a Business Development Manager at Cisco. “Before, it was taking 60, 90 days, or even more because they weren’t convinced they owed us. Now that we have Virtira providing weekly and monthly reports, we don’t have any more surprises or delays.”

How We Help

Helping you remotely, where ever your team is. Our specialized staff will help you achieve your goals using innovative techniques and processes. We help you pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies so that your staff uses their time smarter and not harder.

Sales Support
  • Comprehensive sales order support
  • Flexible handling of quote modifications
  • Opportunity reporting dashboard
  • Extensive component and product failure support
  • Proactive monitoring and resolution of potential issues
Marketing Support
  • Keeping creative teams on track
  • Developing status updates
  • Delivering content on time and on budget
  • Managing giveaways and promotions
  • Post events follow up
Partner Enablement
  • Streamlining process alignment
  • Facilitated communication and collaboration
  • Decreased escalations
  • Revamped co-selling strategies
  • Strategic event management